For Glazing, Property or Motor Claims:

  1. Please call 1300 888 073
  2. Vero will records all details, contact an assessor if needed, and refer you to a preferred Glazer or Repairer
  3. Vero will call you back within 4 hours of lodgement and advise the appointed Claims Manager for your claim.
  4. Claims Specialist assesses the claim, organise repairers or replacements, and settles the claim with you.

For Liability Insurance Claims:

  1. Please call (02) 9295 4388
  2. Vero will appoint a specialist to handle your claim based on the nature and severity of the claim
  3. Vero will records all details, and will confirm and note the specialist dealing with your claim (within 24 hours of lodgement)
  4. Vero Liability Notification team contacts you to advise our adopted strategy within 7 working days.