Public Liability Insurance for Events and Entertainers in Australia

During a public event, even the most diligent organisation may encounter damages or injuries. This makes comprehensive insurance vital to the success of the occasion and protects your business from expensive accidents.

Insure your event, festival or function with Australia’s leading provider

Midas offers coverage options to suit any large-scale function. Whether you are hosting a recurring live music event or a one off, we can provide entertainers' insurance to protect you and ensure that, as the organiser, you are meeting your health and safety responsibilities. As a broker, in the event of a claim, we will act on your behalf to ensure the claim is processed smoothly and as soon as possible.

A range of exceptional public liability coverage options for every occasion

We offer comprehensive cover for major events such as:

  • Corporate dinners
  • Large meetings
  • Live music sessions
  • Theatrical productions and more.

These policies are often not the first thing that comes to mind during your planning, as you're focused on creating a memorable night for all involved. Event liability insurance allows you to be at ease knowing you are covered for the unexpected.

Choose us for one-off event insurance anywhere in the country

We provide affordable rates on our one off live music and event liability insurance, as well as a range of other policies for music festival organisers and more. Our solutions allow you to experience comprehensive cover throughout your event, without having to compromise your budget. With our special public liability insurance for entertainers, we have protected individuals and companies from staggering bills if something goes wrong.

We also offer marine cargo insurance to protect the imported lighting and hardware for your function. Our friendly team are more than happy to offer you a quote on your coverage. With more than 40 years of experience, Midas is able to protect you and share our extensive knowledge gained over the years.

Get in touch with us and ensure your protection today

Before finalising your plans, ensure you contact Midas to discuss your coverage options. Protect your organisation and entertainers from any possible damages with Australia’s best practice events insurance. Call us on 1300 664 272 or send us a message online to find out more.



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