Fitness Insurance Melbourne

    People in the fitness industry, such as fitness studio owners, instructors and personal trainers, put themselves at great risk of a long and costly dispute if they are not covered by a suitable fitness insurance policy. As anyone in this industry would know, accidents and subsequent personal injury are a regular occurrence in everything from martial arts to yoga.

    Midas Insurance Brokers can connect you with a fitness insurance company in Melbourne - or Australia-wide - who can best meet your needs. We help to get you a realistic price on a policy that keeps your potential for loss or damages to a minimum, and that maximises your protection and security. Our extensive experience in this area - including in personal training business insurance - means you can rest assured that you're receiving the most informed advice.

    Whether you require insurance for personal training or jiu jitsu classes - we take the time to understand your business, budget and needs before meticulously researching policies from a range of difference fitness insurance providers in Melbourne, and throughout the country. We also have access to global insurance markets.

    Because we are a broker - not an insurance company - you can trust us to give you the right information, including details on things like terms and conditions, loopholes and policy exclusions - those grey areas that can leave you and your business open to risk.

    Our attention-to-detail and commitment to our clients will ensure you choose wisely, and get a policy that covers you for everything you need and delivers on its promises.

    To find out more on how to get the best rates on fitness business and personal trainer insurance, call the Midas team in Melbourne on 1300 664 272 today. We would love to find a solution that meets your needs. To receive a quote, fill in an online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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