Landlord Insurance

As the owner of an investment property, it is important for you to have peace of mind that your investment and income derived from it is protected.

At Midas we understand that as a landlord you need a tailored insurance policy to cover for things such as rent default or damage done to your property by tenants. As a specialist broker, Midas can help protect your investment property with the right insurance.

Your needs as a property owner and landlord are different to those of someone who owns and lives in their own home. This means that you won't necessarily be adequately covered by standard home, contents and strata title insurance alone. Our team of experts can choose the right policy that expands your existing cover, ensuring your investment won't become a liability.

A landlord's insurance policy can help protect your investment property in a variety of ways including:

  • Cover against tenant vandalism and theft
  • Protection for loss of rental income following major damage
  • Protection against rental default
  • Cover for the contents of your building

Landlord insurance has many options associated with it and can be a complex subject for you to figure out on your own. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right policy that meets your needs. Working with a specialist insurance broker like Midas can make the process much smoother. We work with you to tailor the right policy for you and your investment property portfolio.

Why choose Midas for your landlord insurance?

It makes good business sense to use a specialist broker such as Midas when choosing landlord insurance. Here are several reasons why choosing Midas makes the best sense:

  1. Midas is a specialist insurance broker with more than 35 years of experience
  2. Midas is a broker NOT an insurance company. Many people use brokers for landlord insurance services because we are more experienced with policy exclusions and terms & conditions that you may miss on your own.
  3. There is no one product fits all approach when it comes to landlord insurance. At Midas we work with you as a partner to tailor the policy suited your industry, business and you.
  4. At Midas we are efficient. You will receive experienced, responsive, prompt and knowledgeable service from start to finish.
  5. Our expert consultants understand business and insurance so we make choosing the right cover for your needs easy
  6. As a specialist insurance broker, Midas sources competitive quotes from multiple insurers with multiple payment options tailored to your needs

What this all equates to is reducing the risk for you and your investment property portfolio and its associated income streams.

Next steps

Contact Midas Insurance today on 1300 664 272 to have a member of our expert team assist you in choosing the right landlord insurance policy that meets your needs.

Alternatively, click here to complete the quote questionnaire form and we will contact you promptly to discuss your insurance requirements.