Stock Throughput Insurance Questionnaire




1: The voyage element of the risk



Breakdown of (a) Imports:


Breakdown of (b) Exports:




2: Stock/storage element of the risk

Please list addresses and postcodes where the goods are to be held in Stock / Storage:


Please give details of the locations listed above i.e. Full Construction information and details of materials, occupancy, age of buildings and the like:


Fire Protection details (e.g. Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Reel Hoses, Sprinklers) and Security Protection details (e.g. watchmen, passive infra intruder sensors, alarms, type of alarms, i.e. monitored, back to base etc,) at each Location to be covered. In addition are locations connected to a central station:


The Annual Maximum Sum Insured required at each location named above:




3: Distribution Risk



4: All sections of the risk