Self Defence Insurance Melbourne

    Unfortunately self defence and injury go hand in hand. Even the most qualified and experienced trainers have to consider the risks involved and protect themselves accordingly - just one accident could potentially mean the end of your business. If you own a self defence studio or teach a class in self defence, getting the right coverage from a reputable self defence insurance company is vital.

    As one of Melbourne's leading self defence insurance brokers, Midas can help you find the right policy from the best self defence insurance company for your needs. Our access to the best companies and markets (including international markets) will ensure you get the best possible rates and coverage from a leading company.

    Our 35 years' experience in the insurance industry has taught us the value of a meticulous approach; we look carefully at each company's policies to ensure we have all the information necessary to help you make the right decision. Our knowledgeable staff will go through all the relevant details and explain them in a way that is easy to understand. Our attention to detail and experience with the "fine print" will ensure we pick up on factors that others may miss - including terms and conditions, exclusions and loopholes that may otherwise go unnoticed.

    We will take into account your needs and circumstances to ensure you receive the coverage that gives you peace of mind. Because we understand that organizing coverage is only one of the challenges involved in running a business, we ensure we provide a straightforward and efficient service that fits in with your life.

    Want more information on how to get the best policy from the right self defence insurance company in Melbourne for you? Contact Midas Insurance today on 1300 664 272 to have one of our friendly team help you make the right choice. You can also complete an online enquiry form to have us contact you and discuss your requirements.

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