Sports Insurance

Midas can provide a range of sports insurance cover including liability, personal accident and event insurance for sports clubs, coaches, players, associations and sports federations.

The Importance of Sporting Insurances

Being healthy and living an active lifestyle is definitely a great way to stay in shape and feel better about yourself. Playing sports is one of the best ways to do this, but there are definitely some risks involved with playing sports on either an amateur or professional level. So what does sports insurance cover? There are different types of sporting insurance and different coverage levels, but all sporting insurance serves the purpose of protecting people from having to pay outrageous bills or fees if an accident occurs during a sporting event. Sports insurance can be taken out by an athlete or a parent, or it can be taken out by the venue that is hosting the sporting event, whether it is a stadium or a local park. You can even get extreme sports insurance or adventure insurance for that specific area of sporting, as well.

Get Your Sports Insurance from Midas

We have plenty of experience in the sports insurance field, and offer different types of sporting insurance at different price ranges to ensure that everyone can be covered. You obviously don't need sport insurance, but the peace of mind that you get when you, your child, or anyone else is out on the field is invaluable. The risk associated with sports is unfortunately high, so make sure that you have all of your bases covered with the proper sports or leisure insurance. If you have any questions about the wide world of sports insurance, don't hesitate to ask us- Midas is a team of knowledgeable professionals who are prepared to answer any sporting insurance questions that you may have.

Get Outdoor or Indoor Sporting Insurance Today

If you are taking a school group out on a hike, or you are organising a youth football league, then there is no better time to become well versed on sporting or adventure insurance. You could potentially save thousands of dollars thanks to the right sports insurance, which will make the original already-low cost of the insurance basically a non-factor. Feel free to contact us for information on our varying levels of sports insurance coverage, and we can get you set up with a sporting insurance policy today! We specialise in giving our clients peace of mind and the freedom to fully enjoy any sporting event without having to worry about the potential cost of damages or injury.