The Smart Choice: Use a Specialist Broker to Insure Your Business

Why Using a Broker is Better for Your Business and Your Goods at Every Step of the Way

Customers may choose to go direct to an insurance company for their business insurance needs because they believe that by ‘cutting out the middle man’ they will get a cheaper product. However, confusing contracts, unnecessary features and fine print, and overly generic policies can often mean customers get stuck with a more expensive policy along with additional stress. Here at Midas, we are proud to be a specialist insurance broker, because we know that it allows us to provide a complete service that simply can’t be matched by going direct to an insurance company. Read on to find out about some of the benefits of insuring your business with a broker through every stage of the insurance process.

  • A broker works for you. Brokers represent their client; their job is to find the best policy for the client. This means that the client’s interests are their interests, unlike insurance companies, who are interested in making a profit at the end of the day. Having someone on their side provides clients with immense peace of mind that you can only find with a broker.
  • Personalised policy development and advice. Specialist insurance brokers work directly with clients to develop risk management programs for their specific business, which helps keep premiums lower. Working closely with the business also ensures that brokers know which features are and aren’t necessary to cover the insurance needs of the client.
  • Tailored policies and insider access. Because insurance brokers are industry professionals, they often have access to insider policies and deals that aren’t available to regular consumers. Brokers also work with insurance companies to underwrite personalised policies that are tailor-made to the specific client’s needs, avoiding paying for any unnecessary extras and fees.
  • Claiming becomes a breeze. Claiming insurance policies is often the most stressful part of dealing with insurance companies. One of the key benefits of doing business with an insurance broker is that they deal with all the claiming for you, so that the process is quick and easy from start to finish.

Why would you put your business in the hands of anyone but the best? Talk to specialists at Midas today for all your Marine, Commercial, General, or Personal insurance needs.