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You’ve worked hard to build your business and we want to help you protect it. Midas specialises in tailored business insurance services to cover all types and sizes of businesses. We make getting the professional business insurance you need efficient, simple and affordable so you can look after your customers with confidence.

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Our business insurance services protect your business in a variety of ways including:

Coverage for the contents of your business and stock against loss, damage or theft

Coverage for the contents of your business and stock against loss, damage or theft

Protection from loss or damage to the glass frontage of your premises

Protection from loss or damage to the glass frontage of your premises

Coverage for certain equipment against breakdown (e.g., refrigerators, computers, etc.)

Coverage for certain equipment against breakdown (e.g., refrigerators, computers, etc.)

Protection in the event of a reduction in business income from damage to your property due to an insured event

Protection in the event of a reduction in business income from damage to your property due to an insured event

We have many professional business insurance options and provide expert advice to help you make sense of the often complex choices. Working with a specialist insurance broker like Midas, not an insurance company, can make that process much smoother, as we work with you as part of your team to tailor the right policy for you and your business.

We provide insurance services to many companies across different industries

The types of businesses trading are incredibly diverse. From individuals to small family-run businesses to commercial organisations employing thousands of people, they span a wide range of industries, trades and professions. However large or small, all businesses have to manage risk. This is typically done by purchasing a business insurance policy and where Midas’ expertise can help.

Does your business fit into one of the categories below? Speak to one of our friendly experts to can help you with your business insurance needs.

  • Retailers: Tailored cover for fashion, homewares, sporting or other specialty retailers
  • Trades & Services: Simple and affordable protection for those self-employed in a trade or service
  • Hospitality: Reliable cover for cafes, restaurants and catering businesses
  • Office & Professional: Cover for medical, business and property services and other types of consultancies
  • Manufacturing & Wholesaling: Safeguard the assets and liabilities of your manufacturing or wholesaling business
  • Not-for-Profit Organisations: Cultural groups and incorporated bodies
  • Property Owners: If you’ve invested in business premises, we can secure your asset for the long term

Choose Midas for outstanding service and coverage

It makes good business sense to use a specialist broker and a few reasons to choose Midas as your insurance broker are:

  • Midas is a specialist insurance broker with more than 40 years of experience
  • Midas is a broker, not an insurance company. Many people use brokers for business insurance services because we are more experienced with policy exclusions and terms & conditions that you may miss on your own.
  • There is no one product fits all approach when it comes to business insurance. At Midas, we work with you as a partner to tailor the policy suited your industry, business and you.
  • At Midas we are efficient. You will receive experienced, responsive, prompt and knowledgeable service from start to finish.
  • Our expert consultants understand business and insurance so we make choosing the right cover for your needs easy
  • As a specialist insurance broker, Midas sources competitive quotes from several insurers with multiple payment options tailored to your needs

What you need to know when choosing commercial insurance

All business owners face a range of risks that may impact their business. The key to a successful business is managing these risks and reducing them where possible through a commercial insurance company.

The range of risk varies significantly depending on the owner’s tolerance and the nature of the business, location and size. Risks can include:

Fire and Perils
Fire is not selective and can strike at any time. Water damage is another major cause of material loss. Midas covers you from damage to your property from sudden, unexpected or unforeseen occurrences.
Business Interruption
Following a fire or major incident a business can stop trading. A tailored policy can cover for the loss of income and increased costs resulting from an incident caused by such an event.
One of business’s most common enemies is the intruder. A policy can cover the loss of or damage to your premises due to theft or burglary.
ash Loss
The theft of cash may not be a major issue. However, any loss, big or small, affects your bottom line. You can cover your on-premise cash while in a safe/strong room, in transit to or from your premises, or in personal/employees’ custody.
Plate Glass
Signs, large panes of glass or plastic can often be the target of vandals. Cover the glass in your premises, including internal glass.
Machinery Breakdown
Cover for the breakdown of your business mechanical machinery including air conditioning units, computers and electronic equipment. Deterioration of stock cover can also be taken to replace stock which is kept in freezers and refrigeration units should they break down.
Computer Systems / Electronic Equipment Breakdown
Cover the increased costs of working (such as hiring of alternative computers, the hiring of additional staff) following the breakdown of your business computers.
General Property
Once your equipment, stock or tools of trade leave your business premises, they may be exposed to loss while anywhere within Australia. Cover for the loss of or damage to portable property such as tools, stock samples, laptop computers etc. for fire and other perils, accidental loss or damage, collision of overturned vehicles and theft from a locked premises or vehicle Australia-wide.
Employee Dishonesty
From theft of cash or stock, to illegal electronic transfer of funds, employee theft will drain a company’s profit. Cover for the unwanted theft of your business property or money due to the fraudulent actions of employees.

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