Freight forwarder liability insurance

Freight forwarders are potentially exposed to a wide variety of liabilities in respect to the services they provide. These include liabilities against third parties, loss of or damage to cargo, errors and omissions, removal of abandoned cargo, breach of regulations and loss of or damage to owned or leased equipment.

Associated marine insurers through Midas Insurance Brokers provide cover against these liabilities including associated legal costs with six cover options available to provide the level of cover you require.

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Coverage for basic risks

Find a freight forwarding insurance cover option that is right for you.

Liability for non-contractual liabilities at law and specified legally enforceable contracts, including consequential losses, arising out of the provision of insured services
Liability for loss of or damage to cargo and consequential loss arising from under contracts of carriage, international conventions or law
Liability for errors or omission in providing insured services or resulting from delay and indemnity for financial penalties imposed by authorities
Indemnity for costs and expenses arising out of an occurrence which may give rise to a claim covered by an applicable cover option, arising out of the provision of insured services
Liability for removal and disposal of abandoned cargo, payments due under standard forms of customs bonds or guarantees, statutory enactments imposing the responsibility of principal, fraudulent or dishonest acts of employees and costs of recovering monies due
Loss of or damage to specified equipment including liability to pay a general average, salvage charges or lease per diem charges in respect of lost or damaged equipment

The principal risks that are excluded

This freight forwarding insurance does not cover liability, loss, damage or expense in respect of the following;

Where more specific insurance exists

Punitive or exemplary damages

Insolvency or financial default of the insured

Operation or management of a ship or aircraft

Time penalties

Dredging operations or dumping of spoils

Operation of dump site or disposal waste

Waiver of rights of recourse


This is based on gross receipts or gross income for the insured period including the limit of liability, contractual arrangements and services provided, and cover options chosen. A minimum and deposit premium is calculated on your estimated gross receipts / gross income and is adjustable on expiry of the policy period on receipt of your certified actual gross receipts / gross income if these are higher than estimated.

Settling your claim

Subject to the policy deductible our experienced claims staff will promptly indemnify you up to the agreed limit for legal liability and costs insured by the policy.

Important notice

The above information is an outline of the cover provided. Full details of the cover with all limitations, exclusions and conditions are contained in the policy.

Handling of personal information

We collect personal information from you for the purpose of providing you with insurance products and services, processing and assessing claims. You can choose not to provide this information. However, we may not be able to process your requests.

We may disclose information we hold about you to other insurers, an insurance reference service or as required by law. In the event of a claim, we may disclose information to and/or collect additional information about you from investigators or legal advisers.

Next steps

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