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Your business’s digital security is paramount. Midas Insurance Brokers offer personalised cyber insurance solutions to shield you from online risks. Start building your digital defence now.

Why is Cyber Insurance Essential?

In today’s digital world, cyber threats are a real and constant risk for every business.

Cyber Insurance is essential because it acts as a safety net, helping your business recover from unexpected cyber incidents like hacking, data breaches, or ransomware attacks.


These incidents can disrupt your operations, lead to significant financial losses, and damage your reputation.


We, at Midas, can help you find the right cyber insurance coverage to fit your specific needs.


Learn more about our range of commercial insurance solutions to ensure your business is fully protected.

With Midas, you gain more than a policy. You gain a partnership and a strategy to manage risk.
We connect you with tailored cyber insurance solutions that cover recovery costs, legal fees, and lost income, empowering your business to withstand digital threats.
Secure your business with Midas and navigate the digital world with peace of mind.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

This protects against costs associated with the loss, theft, or accidental release of sensitive information. It can cover notification expenses, credit monitoring services, and defence against privacy lawsuits.

Expenses related to the recovery and restoration of lost or corrupted data due to a cyber incident are commonly covered​.

If a cyber event disrupts your business operations, this aspect of the policy helps compensate for lost income during the downtime.

Should your business be threatened with ransomware or other extortion schemes, this coverage supports response and negotiation efforts, potentially covering ransom payments where legally permitted.

Following a cyber incident, this coverage assists with the legal costs and the expenses of forensic services to identify and address the source of the breach.

If a network security failure leads to data breaches or system outages affecting third parties, this helps cover the resulting liabilities.

In the wake of a cyber incident, it’s vital to manage the situation publicly. This coverage helps with the costs of PR services to mitigate reputational damage.

If your business incurs fines or penalties from regulators due to data breaches, the right policy can cover these costs.

Protect Your Business with Midas

A Leading Cyber Insurance Broker

As an insurance broker, Midas has access to a wide range of cyber insurance products and can guide you to the policy that best meets your needs.
Our role is to ensure that you have robust protection across all these areas, tailored to the size and scope of your business operations.

Why Choose Midas for Cyber Insurance?

When it comes to protecting your business from online threats, partnering with the right cyber insurance broker is as vital as the policy itself. Choose Midas for cyber insurance because:


We have a deep understanding of the cyber insurance landscape and are committed to finding policies that meet the specific needs of your business.

Customised Policies

Every business is unique, and so are its risks. We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we tailor insurance options that align with your business's particular challenges and budget.

Comprehensive Coverage

With access to a wide range of insurance products, we ensure you get the most comprehensive coverage against cyber threats, from data breaches to business interruption.

Personal Support

Our team is your dedicated ally, guiding you through the complexities of cyber insurance and supporting you in the event of a claim.

Market Knowledge

Leveraging our extensive market knowledge, we negotiate on your behalf to secure competitive premiums and favourable terms.

Simplified Process

We streamline the insurance buying process, making it straightforward and hassle-free, so you can focus on running your business.

With Midas, you get more than just insurance; you gain a reliable partner who helps you navigate the complexities of online safety, keeping your business secure and operational.

Client Experiences with Midas

Hear directly from our clients about their trust in Midas for their insurance needs and the peace of mind our services provide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Insurance

Any business that handles sensitive data, operates online, or relies on digital systems should consider cyber insurance. This includes online retailers, service providers, and even brick-and-mortar stores with a digital presence.
We can help assess your specific risks and recommend the appropriate level of coverage.
Cyber insurance policies generally do not cover potential future lost profits, loss of value due to intellectual property theft, and costs associated with improving your cybersecurity post-incident.
Our team can help clarify the specifics of what’s covered and what’s not.
Yes, you can still obtain cyber insurance after an attack, but the terms may vary based on your risk profile and the measures you’ve taken to prevent future incidents.
It’s important to discuss your business’s history openly for accurate coverage.
Implementing robust cybersecurity measures, maintaining a clean claim history, and choosing a higher deductible can help lower your premiums.
We also recommend regular risk assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities.
Yes, most cyber insurance policies cover both first-party losses – such as data recovery costs – and third-party losses – such as claims from customers affected by a data breach.
We’ll ensure you understand the extent of the coverage provided.
In the event of a cyber incident, you should notify us immediately. We’ll guide you through the claims process, which typically involves a review of the incident, assessment of losses, and collaboration with the insurer to achieve a fair resolution.

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