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You want everything to go smoothly at your place of business. You want your clients to get the most of your products and services in return for their repeat business. However, there are occasions when situations arise where a client may hold you liable for a piece of advice you have given that has caused them financial loss. Obtaining professional indemnity (PI) insurance in Australia protects you and your company against such unwanted instances.

Midas’ professional indemnity insurance offered Melbourne wide protects professionals like yourself against claims made against you or your company by former or present clients and covers costs and legal defence costs, as well as any damages payable.


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Securing professional indemnity insurance online provides you with comprehensive protection from claims for financial loss arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services.

Professional indemnity insurance can be a complex subject for you to figure out on your own. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right policy that meets your needs. Working with a specialist insurance broker like Midas can make that process much smoother.

If you are looking for a comparative professional indemnity insurance quote Australia wide, Midas can provide you with one. Our services also include offering medical indemnity insurance and personal indemnity insurance throughout Australia.

Who needs this type of insurance in Melbourne?

The definition of ‘professional’ has broadened in recent years. As a result, professional indemnity insurance is now held by workers across a wide range of industries. Any professional person who charges a fee for their service, advice or consultation is regarded by their client as an expert and is therefore open to a claim being made against them.

Professional indemnity insurance in Australia was only considered something needed by accountants, solicitors, medical workers and engineers, but this has since changed and now provides protection for advice and treatment provided by professionals across a range of industries, including architects and designers, education workers, real estate agents, health workers and professional consultants.

Midas can take care of your insurance claims

Public liability insurance is a safety net that you can use in the event of a claim and provides additional legal cover in the event of injury to a member of the public at your place of business resulting from negligence.

Public liability insurance is ideal for businesses that have a great number of employees or numerous premises that cannot be specifically monitored on a day-to-day basis.

Directors and officers insurance is there to protect the personal assets of company directors and officers by providing indemnity for any loss arising from a claim as a result of a ‘wrongful act’ committed by them in the course of performing their duties.

These types of insurance policies can be complicated when you aren’t dealing with them every day. At Midas, this is our area of expertise where we find you the right policy mix to protect your business and give you peace of mind in knowing you are covered.

Why you should choose Midas for your insurance needs

It makes good business sense to use a specialist broker such as Midas when choosing professional indemnity insurance. Listed below are several reasons to choose Midas as your insurance broker:

  • Midas is a specialist insurance broker with more than 35 years of experience
  • Midas is an insurance broker, not an insurance company. Many people use brokers for professional indemnity insurance because we are more experienced with the dreaded ‘fine print’. That is, policy exclusions, related policies, and terms & conditions, etc.
  • There is no one product fits all when it comes to getting professional indemnity insurance online. At Midas, we work with you as a partner to tailor a policy suited to your industry, business and you.
  • We work for you, the client, not the insurance company
  • At Midas we are efficient. You will receive experienced, responsive, prompt and knowledgeable service from start to finish.
  • Our expert consultants understand business and insurance, so we make it easy to choose the right public indemnity insurance cover for your needs
  • As a specialist insurance broker, Midas sources competitive quotes from multiple insurers with multiple payment options tailored to your needs

What this all equates to is reducing the risk for you and your business.

Getting you comprehensive insurance protection at highly competitive rates

In addition to our wide general insurance knowledge, our team has access to all the leading Australian insurance companies as well as international insurance markets, such as Lloyd’s and the International Underwriting Association of London.

With Midas on your side, you are assured of getting the most favourable rates and insurance coverage.

At Midas, we cater for both monthly and annual insurance payments that best suit your needs.

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