Cyber Security Insurance Providers

The transition for businesses and organisations to online-based platforms also marked the transition of criminal groups to cybercrime. With significant amounts of money being transacted online every day, it is an irresistible market for these illegal cyber groups - developments in core internet security are similarly mirrored with a steadily increased sophistication in these cybercrime groups.

At this point in time cybercrime is a very diverse field. It can include elements such as:

  • Cyber and hacking attacks
  • Theft or destruction of data because of fraudulent cyber thefts or transfer
  • Attacks targeting reputation and online defamation
  • Extortion because of cybercriminals threatening to withhold information
  • A cyber-attack resulting in the interrupting of business and the monetary loss that accrues as a result

It is thus evident that cyber breaches can go beyond simple monetary losses - hackers can manipulate systems in a variety of ways that harm businesses regardless.

Looking out for your online business

Although you can bolster your business with additional security measures, there is never a complete assurance that they will succeed, which is why cyber insurance is so important.

Midas have great experience in the field of cyber insurance, and have accordingly developed cyber insurance policies that are designed to protect your business in the event of a cyber-attack. In the event of a data breach, we can provide an effective stream of revenue that will ensure that cyber risks will not interrupt the workings of companies, but rather our policies ensure that your organisation can continue to function as usual.

Midas have significant experience in the realm of insurance, and we are able to provide you with the information that can give you peace of mind.

Looking to be protected online?

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